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@mercedesbenz I am a fan of the Mercedes car and it was my life's dream to buy a Mercedes car before my marriage, but unfortunately this has become very difficult because the price of the car in Egypt is very expensive and I feel shy and sorry that I will not join the Mercedes passengers, I am from 2014 I was planning to buy a car In 2020, but unfortunately this will not happen because I did not have the money to buy your car and realize my life's dream.

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Tecnologia 👏👏👏👏👏👏😍😍

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I love the estate and the E class in general but even reviewers and people much smarter than me are saying that the E300 was a bad move. The 4 cylinder turbo replacing the 3.5, although good in concept is not great in reality because MB did not give us and engine that is even good, forget great. I don’t want a slow powerless E class if I can honestly buy for less money a C class with the same engine. Also, the new E class sort of, from afar, looks just like a C class. So where is my benefit to paying the premium? Come on Mercedes I love you as a company but what is this? I don’t care about how many cylinders but at least give me some power worthy of an E class. PLEASE!!!

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فدا مدا همیشه سالار همیشه باشکوه💓

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These looks awesome. Mercedes is the only thing that improved in 2020