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Lets go make a Magic momentπŸ”₯

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Hey guys I hope this get seen. I am a Real Madrid and I have been for the past 7 years so if y'all could like this comment so more people could notice it that would mean the world to me I hope y all are having a great day. Love ❀️πŸ”₯

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Γ‡a doit pas Γͺtre facile de jouer avec des Γ©gos surdimensionnΓ©s respect pour toi

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Je comprend ton rΓͺve de jouer Γ  Madrid mais sΓ©rieusement mister Hazard as tu fais le bon choix on connates qualitΓ©s mais au rΓ©al on ne joue pas en Γ©quipe

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Espabila paquete! Vaya fracaso de jugador.

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Everyone had a dream that they would give a dollar to all people and there would be happiness. I think that there are many good people in the world who are ready to give me this dollar for the benefit of my little dream. "

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Gros tas de merde arrete les Tacos bouboule

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