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By buying $ 20 or more in digital ((DOGE COIN)) currency, we can multiply the price of this currency. Let’s all take part in this global movement. The law of the market is that as demand increases, prices rise. The former become rich. You all know that we need money in the difficult conditions of the corona and the ruined economy. Let’s work together to make a digital currency valuable and rich. Let’s build a prosperous society together

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I have been involved in art and music in Iran for many years but it is not supported. Because in Iran you have to have money. Talent doesn't matter to them. Because they set your voice on the device and I'm talented and never let my voice be set on the device. I want to be supported but no one supports me. I work and barely pay for my music. If you don't have money in Iran, they won't support you. I need an investor to support my music and my art @shakira

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Wow! Creo que eres casi Toda tu Musica, tu talento y tu éxito.