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بیا ایران 😂🙈 come IRAN

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@amandacerny(kin)? I have been sent to claim the solar system with the OL BASE TESTAMENT & support of the U.S.E. (United Systems Earth)! Loan ME $10k & let’s discuss the 1,000 outlook on the b.a.s.e. healthy appropriate direction of the human race!

report to:
“Window Lil Star”
702 Washburn st
Taylor, Tx 76574

CEO: hs

The Unconventional “46th” President

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معنا راح ينــــــزل
وزنـــــك بأمـــان 💃
مـــــن خيــــر الـطبيعـة 👌
بـــــدون اي مـــــواد صنــــاعيـه 👏
مــــع كلين الشــــاي الجــديـــــد 🤲
حصريــــــا مــــن فـــــوريفـر الامريكية