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Good for you! I hope its Organic (medicine) :) https://scoutandcellar.com/?u=organicplanetwines

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Maybe you can start a webseries called Gitmosplaining dor your friend Ellen. Hillary probably won't need it....wink....but seriously. Ellen needs to get used to the fact that there will likely be no dancing or people to shame. I hear she looks great in Orange.

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When corporate has another non manager call me back with a continuation of no help Garrison Just keep giving me the runaround in regards to any question kept cutting me off every time I spoke, Lady the day me for getting upset and would not answer my questions in regards to the problems that existed with my vehicle and or a name of a responsible adult... nice try @Hyundaiusa but this still does not solve any electrical safety issues with the lemon of a car that I bought brand new.... in less than four years it is falling apart on me... Engine blew and a slew of electrical issues... I beg you @theellenshow don’t let this terrible company sponsor your shows

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@kristenanniebell why are you still working with ellen. Either you aprove of this behavior or you're in on it