@leondinox Instagram Profile 9 July, 2020

Pique estas bien puñetas! Cara de pendejo...te encanta tragarte la polla grande más que a la puta de tu vieja...!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂 Núnca le llegaras a Rafa Marquéz, ni a los Talones.

@victor.cueva6 Instagram Profile 6 July, 2020

Vi que eres una m***** completa no sirves para jugar

@fan_hod Instagram Profile 6 July, 2020

@fatt_kr فطوم وثلاث سنوات اعرفك ولا مره شفت شي فيك على الاقل عيونك بس

@mo_ebdali10 Instagram Profile 4 July, 2020

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@kaisssar9 Instagram Profile 2 July, 2020

Pique is the worst player in the past three years .. The defender must be rough and hard .... But Pique reflected easy passage from him, his mistakes, and his skating on the striker without a professional is the biggest disaster ... Pique has to leave the club

@kak3084 Instagram Profile 2 July, 2020

Who do you think you are? Puyol? Naah! Such players come only once in a decade.