@misskayblair Instagram Profile 4 August, 2020

😍😍😍😍 I need to order this ASAP

@april._.1982 Instagram Profile 22 July, 2020

Is I’ll report your fake company 🀬

@april._.1982 Instagram Profile 22 July, 2020

You guys are a scam I did order you guys charged me then wait for almost a month to receive an email where is says my order has been shipped and never received the products ... then called no answer send an email didn’t respond actually fake merchandise and fake pretty marketing, this are difficult time to be spending money and never received the products honestly very disappointing 🀬

@margorenate Instagram Profile 21 July, 2020

so cute. just sent you a DM, check it out when you get the chance! 🀍

@stacy__jenn Instagram Profile 12 July, 2020

I only received part of my order and shipping states I received all my order. Please send my full order or refund me my money.

@grace_faced Instagram Profile 11 July, 2020

This company refuses to return emails. I ordered a bra on June 12 and did not receive it until July 3, which, I can kind of understand with everything going on in the world. What I DONT understand is a complete lack of communication during the entire process. Now, I want to return the bra because the mesh lining on it looks awful through fabric. I went through the return process online but it says to email them for a return label (which is strange). Shockingly, they haven’t responded to two of my emails so far. Customer service is the key to success of a company and this one is failing. At this point, I would like a refund and I will donate the dang bra. Do something right, Lively!!!

@chelsea12baby Instagram Profile 28 June, 2020

Thank you wearlively for answering to me concerns it took long but you did answer thank you very much

@john.grisez.771 Instagram Profile 1 June, 2020

I'm not very good at that kind of stuff so I use this by straight my phone calls