@tic_tac_mo Instagram Profile 3 August, 2020

Hi! I’ve emailed and messaged on Instagram, I only received a part of my order a few weeks ago :( really hoping someone from customer service will contact me back! @wearlively

@art_steeze Instagram Profile 10 July, 2020

Do you have a bralette that has some padding and a little support? I’ve been on the hunt @wearlively

@iman_servance_ Instagram Profile 20 June, 2020

Waiting for a reply from numerous emails. Dropping the ball-id like a full refund

@story.of.a.teacher Instagram Profile 12 June, 2020

What style do you recommend for a bra that won't show under thin/clingy fabric? I have a shirt I love that I haven't been able to wear in public because I always have a bra line 😭

@mystibaker Instagram Profile 3 June, 2020

Just got this in todayπŸ”₯πŸ–€ so thankful for sexy, comfortable nursing bra options for DD! Will totally be getting more!

@sherryist23 Instagram Profile 2 June, 2020

Dear Lively, every time I see your commercial about how your bras don't dig into your skin, I think about filing an actual lawsuit against for false advertisement. I purchased 2 of your bras and not only do they dig both at the shoulder and at the circumference but they are the most uncomfortable pieces of garbage I've ever purchased. I just wore one today for the last time. If I had the power I would sue you 100% for lying just for the principle of your lies. How dare you state publicly such a blatant lie.

@suckitupbeautiful Instagram Profile 29 May, 2020

Hi there! I received my order and I love my bra! But I ordered two bras. I emailed customer service and haven’t heard back about getting the other piece. Help please! Best bras ever, but I want the missing one too lol

@themidnightcheese Instagram Profile 27 May, 2020

Hello, where are your items made? I like a lot of the items in your shop!

@anyablair Instagram Profile 27 May, 2020

In love with the mesh detailsπŸ–€πŸ™ŒπŸΌ