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Hazard y Benzema girdos

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Hello am cardwell from Nigeria am 15 years old I have try everything possible to make the world notice my football talent but no one ever seems to help me build my gift and talent.have watch and learn things from how you develop yourself and become professional footballer.i hope one day I be like you.most of my friends told me I will never make it but,I will never allow them define me,but I will prove to them that I will make it one day.i will do anything possible to make sure I become a footballer one day and I will make first team and also make my first debuit for my club.please I no you won't allow a child dream just fade away, please I just want to ask for a little favor please I don't want your money,I just want someone that will help me develop my talent get me registered in a foreign football acedemy over here in Nigeria getting into an football acedemy you need to bribe the couch with money to make you pass or attend their trials but we don't have money for that.but I say to myself I won't give up till I make it,I must make my dream and career come true that why I come asking for help I no you will like to help me that why am pleading please don't let a poor child dream and career fade away thanks for letting me express my self and thanks for your time I no you will help me I will be grateful am always ready if you want to help this my number,+2348162955789 and +2347081869885 thanks for your help please show me I still have hope to keep dreaming😢😢

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Welcome back to Chelsea Eden we love you hope one day we will see you back #garden of Eden

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Кайт ауылга

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Ce numéro 7 n’est pas le tien

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El mejor🔥🔥💪

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ادن میترکونه🔥🔥🔥🔥😍🇮🇷

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Nice one hero💋❤️😍😍😍😍