@thequeenfio Instagram Profile 1 August, 2020

Why don’t you guys have above a 38? Size inclusive please!

@protonrenee Instagram Profile 24 July, 2020

Don’t buy from this brand. They have held a significant refund of mine for over a month & have now stopped responding to emails, which is the only way to contact them!

@edbergma Instagram Profile 24 July, 2020

Hi @wearlively I emailed almost 2 weeks ago because when my bathing suit set arrived, the bottoms were missing. I’ve followed up and have yet to hear back. I also called but your phones are down. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks

@crystalexander42619 Instagram Profile 24 July, 2020

Well, I WAS going to order from your company. But seeing all these comments about your horrible customer service, I think I'll save my money. You're losing future customers by ignoring your current ones. Might want to work on that, @wearlively

@getitbeckyy Instagram Profile 19 July, 2020

You guys are always out of size 3! Instead of paying for ads on Instagram you should be putting that money into extra units!

@becksjoy21 Instagram Profile 19 July, 2020

I live receiving $10 off any order! Do you? https://www.wearlively.com/AMB-becksjoy21

@purelybreezy Instagram Profile 16 July, 2020

I have some concerns with my order and I tried contacting customer service via email and by leaving a voice message and have not heard back. It has been almost two weeks since my first contact. How do I get a response from the @wearlively team?

@grace_faced Instagram Profile 11 July, 2020

This company refuses to return emails. I ordered a bra on June 12 and did not receive it until July 3, which, I can kind of understand with everything going on in the world. What I DONT understand is a complete lack of communication during the entire process. Now, I want to return the bra because the mesh lining on it looks awful through fabric. I went through the return process online but it says to email them for a return label (which is strange). Shockingly, they haven’t responded to two of my emails so far. Customer service is the key to success of a company and this one is failing. At this point, I would like a refund and I will donate the dang bra. Do something right, Lively!!!

@lowps Instagram Profile 8 July, 2020

Wanted to buy stuff but you’re sold out of everything for big boobies. Story of my life. 😞🙁

@susankrauss289 Instagram Profile 6 July, 2020

Any chance you’ll be expanding your band sizes? 🙏🏻 I wear a 42/44B and I’d LOVE to be able to try your bras!

@yahoo.korea Instagram Profile 1 July, 2020

Still haven’t heard back about a refund I was promised 3 weeks ago. No response from customer service, will be contacting the Better Business Bureau this weekend if I have still not heard back. I want my $80 back!😤

@ellasmama34 Instagram Profile 30 June, 2020

This company is such a scam! I ordered a bra 6/13 and the free tote. I got the package with the free tote but no bra...no response to emails, no response on Instagram and now their phone lines aren’t working. I don’t understand what happened because my mom ordered a bra from them a week before me and she got hers no issue but mine I paid for and got nothing!

@kristabakerhubley Instagram Profile 30 June, 2020

How long does it typically take to get a response from Customer Service? I returned bras several weeks ago and have yet to see a credit. I also have yet to hear back on the message I sent to Customer Service on 6/25. Thanks for any help you can offer.

@whosdaprincesss Instagram Profile 29 June, 2020

I’m very upset (just like everyone else who ordered on your website) no email responses, no customer service phone line, no responses neither on Facebook or Instagram... is this company a joke ? I ordered your products over 2 weeks ago and absolutely no news since them... no delivery status, nothing. Could you please answer my emails/calls/DM ?

@thenaplesinsiders Instagram Profile 28 June, 2020

Hi @wearlively! I’ve been trying to get a hold of someone regarding my order and can’t seem to get a response. I know things are difficult with COVID-19 but I just want to know when it will approx ship because it’s been quite a while.

@xo.cella Instagram Profile 26 June, 2020

DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS COMPANY @wearlively placed an order 6/1 and still have not received as of 6/26. Nothing has ever taken a month to get here, even with covid. I have emailed and called multiple times with no responses. Will be submitting to the Better Buisness Bureau and my card company as fraud. #wearlively

@aweeks002 Instagram Profile 26 June, 2020

I placed an order two weeks ago. My account was charged. I still have not received any shipping notification. I have tried calling server all times, all calls have gone unanswered. I have emailed twice with no response.

@stephaniestevensingerjewelers Instagram Profile 24 June, 2020

@wearlively ordered two bathing suits on June 14th and emailed customer service a few days ago. Still waiting for a confirmation that they were shipped. Any update as to when they will be shipped/delivered would be great. This is certainly leaving a bad taste in my mouth for future orders 🤷🏻‍♀️

@spur.of.the.moment Instagram Profile 23 June, 2020

Just another customer wondering how I’ve already paid you all nearly 2 weeks ago yet haven’t received any shipment updates??? And yet you all continue to sponsor messages and advertise on insta. So you can turn around and say “oh yea... shipping is really really slow right now” but NOT tell people BEFORE they buy?

@littlesocalmomma Instagram Profile 23 June, 2020

I placed an order May 8th and still have not received it. It finally shipped two weeks ago and still isn’t here. When i track it says it made it from MA to CA but now has backtracked all the way to Ohio. What is going on?!! Why is your customer service not responsive? Even with the current delays I have never experienced an item taking over two weeks to arrive