@therezaraquel_aquarela Instagram Profile 21 June, 2020

I had the grey one and I love it. I usually use 100% cotton paper, I absolutely adore the William Turner of yours. But the quality of the paper in this note book impressed me, are so good and pleasant painting on them, and it handle masking fluid vary well. Really loving it my new watercolor grey sketchbook.

@elainek1955 Instagram Profile 16 June, 2020

Wish this and other papers were easier to find and buy online especially in states hard to find an online supplier.

@thesewjourner Instagram Profile 9 June, 2020

I love the square format. Any plans to get the regular watercolor books in this square size too?

@kassymackay Instagram Profile 2 June, 2020

Je me demande, pensez vous à faire un carnet aquarelle avec un papier foncé, parce que les peintures pailleté sorte beaucoup en ce moment et pour la bouche le papier aquarelle et parfois bien meilleur suivant les techniques (I wonder, do you think about making a watercolor notebook with dark paper, because the glitter paints come out a lot at the moment and for the mouth watercolor paper and sometimes much better depending on the techniques)

@mfmartinezar Instagram Profile 22 April, 2020

Where can I buy in Colombia pleaseeee 😢😢😢

@vozel52 Instagram Profile 17 April, 2020

I am based in Barcelona. Do you have a dealer here. Alternatively can I buy it on line from you. VICTORIA

@d_pariy Instagram Profile 10 April, 2020

Yes, we painted! Love all of your watercolor paper)

@pixiemagic224 Instagram Profile 9 April, 2020

😍 YAY!!! 👏👍 This is EXACTLY what I’ve been waiting for!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read your post! I’m so elated, so thrilled feels like I’m soaring way above the clouds ⛅️!!! I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to try every size and every single tone, in every type of finish available, (hot, cold, rough, etc. )... all I need now, is to find out where I can buy it from??? 😊
Is it possible for you to help me, please? Pretty please? 🙏🏻

@illuchrisa Instagram Profile 9 April, 2020

Ich arbeite mega gerne mit den Papieren von Hahnemühle und empfehle diese auch allen meinen Workshop-Teilnehmern. Ich liebe die neuen toned watercolor books in braun und grau ❤️👍. Unbezahlte (immer noch, leider, Zwinkersmiley-winkt-mit-dem-Zaunpfahl-Emoji) Werbung 👋😊😜.

@adori_artsy Instagram Profile 9 April, 2020

Will try. Once this Covid nonsense is over.

@southernportraiture Instagram Profile 8 April, 2020

I am a wedding photographer and would like to hand tint on the deckle edge but it doesn't blend very well, any tips? And also, I love the 8 1/2 x 11 size but need the 5x7 and 11x17 size, do you make them and I just haven't been able to find them???

@steviej33k Instagram Profile 8 April, 2020

I want to try these! I need it available in the states! Who will carry it? Dick blick?

@farbcafe Instagram Profile 8 April, 2020

Das sieht echt toll aus 💕😍 das würde ich echt gerne Mal ausprobieren. Ich stelle mir das Umdenken beim Malen echt spannend vor 😍