@watercolormisfit Instagram Profile 31 March, 2020

Thanks for doing this so much! I currently have five courses on my own site ranging from beginner watercolor to painting animals and flowers. I also have a YouTube channel with tons of watercolor videos. 😄 plus you get to see my fur babies 🐶 🐶 every now and again 😊

@illien_galene Instagram Profile 30 March, 2020

I start doing Watercolour anime and Art nouveau inspired drawings via livestream here on Instagram, I am speaking English and German fluently and will stream 14 GWT+1 every straight day (2,4,6...)sometimes doing meditation drawing on the odd days (1,3,5,7...). My first time ever streaming will be at April the 2nd. And Ideas can be handed in via DM.😊👍

@brushstrokesbymichelle Instagram Profile 30 March, 2020

Hello! This is a great initiative, thank you so much 💕 I have a few classes on @Skillshare and a recent one I have just published on painting peonies. Please check it out : https://skl.sh/2QQfSGM. The link is also in my bio 🤗

@zendrawing Instagram Profile 30 March, 2020

zen drawing for active meditation while roaming in nature. with pencil, pigment liners, aquarel and oilpaint.

@maga_la_mala Instagram Profile 30 March, 2020

Thanks 💕✨ soon available on zoom ✨✨✨watercolor Portrait and Fashion Illustration 🔜 @maga_la_mala

@humbeckstudios Instagram Profile 30 March, 2020

Thank you! I am currently working on my 5th Skillshare Class. My classes cover watercolour, oil pastel and ink. I also have a class called 'Making Room for Art When You Have No Studio' for all of us 'kitchen table' artists 😊💕 Some of my classes come with free drawing templates to speed up the process for you. My classes range from 18 minutes to 38 minutes at the moment. Pop in and have a look around! 👍